ShoreTel/Mitel MiVoice Connect & SSL Certificates

The ShoreTel/Mitel MiVoice Connect platform uses certificate based encryption for secure communications between many of the components. Although self-signed certificates are an option, you may want to consider publicly signed certificates if you are using any external applications. Solutions such as the Edge Gateway for remote access, a publicly accessible conference bridge, the Mobility Solution, or any browser based Mitel integration such as the adapter all send traffic over the internet. To prevent browser warnings and follow security best practices, publicly signed certificates are encouraged for these situations. Your Mitel MiVoice Connect system may need more than one certificate as well. There are different certificate options on the market to choose from, individual certificates, Multi-Domain/UCC certs which can be applied to a number of hosts simultaneously, and a Wildcard certificate for unlimited use. Whichever options works best for your company, this is something to consider before you migrate from 14.2 to Connect.

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