ShoreTel & Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe

Anyone who experiences the convenience of visually reviewing voicemail messages will appreciate the benefits of using ShoreTel & Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe. Whether you are in a meeting, traveling, in a noisy room, or unable to answer your phone for any reason, this service sends you an email for each voicemail message showing who called, when they called, and what they said. You can also listen to the voicemail message by playing the attached WAV audio file or by dialing into your voicemail.

The ShoreTel & Mitel Connect HYBRID Scribe service transcribes voicemail from your Mitel phone into text and then sends it, along with a WAV audio file, to the email address specified for the user in Connect Director. This service transcribes the first 60 seconds of each voicemail, and the WAV audio file contains the complete voicemail message.

This service is available on both ShoreTel 14.2 and MiVoice Connect.

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