SERVICE ALERT - IPDS (CAS) service crashing repeatedly on servers


Multiple MiVoice Connect Onsite installations have experienced the server service “ShoreWare Client Application Service64”, also known as IPDS-64, stop unexpectedly on the server and generate a crash dump file in the \ShorelineData\Crash Dumps folder. The IPDS service restarts on its own, but CAS services such as Visual Voicemail, Directory, Call History, and most desktop Connect Client functions are briefly interrupted until the service restart has completed.


In the affected systems, it was discovered that some desktop users were running versions of the Connect Client that were newer than the version released with the primary PBX build. MiVoice Connect supports running a Client that is 1 version below, or older than the PBX build (known as V-1), but newer Clients have never been supported. If CAS or IPDS is crashing on a customer system, verify the below configuration before calling into TAC.


Check the versions of Installed desktop clients (see below). If mismatched Connect client builds are discovered, downgrade ALL clients to match the PBX version, or one client version older. KB 16568 details how to find the running PBX version. Administrators can check for installed Client versions by examining the IPDS logs on the HQ server. Edit the file and search for the string “Manhattan Endo”. You should find lines like “Manhattan Endo 213.100.3559.0”, where 213.100.3559.0 is the client version from the PC. Released Client and PBX builds can be seen by referencing KB Article 12633 – “Mitel MiVoice Connect and ST PBX Builds”, which contains a table of the released PBX, Client, and Phone Firmware versions.

Following is an excerpt from KB 12633 with some of the most recent builds, for quick reference.


Rollback the clients to match the PBX version or upgrade the system to R1807-PREM SP1 and push out the new client to all end users.

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