Mitel Schedule Based "On Call" Router Application

The Mitel On Call Router Service runs 24*7 watching for calls to present to the configured route point extensions. When a call presents, a schedule configured for the route point is consulted and an appropriate destination to transfer the call to is determined. If there is no destination scheduled for the time that the call presents or if an attempt to transfer the call to the looked up destination fails then the call is transferred to a configured default extension associated with the route point. Typical uses included on call doctors, security personnel, IT support techs, etc.

The Administration Configuration utility is provided to allow you to configure the on call router server. It can be installed on the same PC as a call router server and/or on any Windows PC that can access the call router server via a local area network. It provides a user interface for editing the schedules and on call individuals. The schedule can be modified while the server is running.

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