Mitel Nuisance Call Handler

The Mitel Nuisance Call Handler application can monitor all of the stations, hunt groups, workgroups, route points and auto attendant/voice mail extensions on the system or some subset of them for inbound calls. When an external call presents, the caller ID is retrieved and if it is empty then, depending on configuration, it will be left to ring or it can be immediately transferred to a configured extension. If the call has caller ID then this is compared to a configured list of “nuisance” callers and if the ID is on the list then, depending on configuration, the call is either disconnected or transferred to a configured extension.

The service can be configure to compare only the digits in the caller ID with the blocked numbers or can compare the full text exactly if more control is needed. Whenever the service transfers a call due to no caller ID or a nuisance caller ID it will mark the call so that if the call presents to an extension that is being monitored it will no longer be blocked. This is to prevent calls looping and also to allow the calls to be sent to a person who could decide to allow the call to continue and transfer the call.

The Mitel Nuisance Call Handler is support on ShoreTel 14.2 and MiVoice Connect.

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