Mitel Emergency Notification Application (ST14 Or Prior/MiVoice Connect)

The Mitel Emergency Notification Application is designed to alert internal staff of emergency and non-emergency situations for the purpose of coordinating with first responders or to quickly provide assistance where needed.

Feature Highlights:​

  • Alerts can be delivered via a desktop popup message (Microsoft Windows client only) and/or verbal alerts by phone or paging system (requires a compatible paging system configuration)

  • Multiple alerts can be defined to address a variety of situations ranging from emergencies (ex. 911, lockdown, hospital code alerts, etc) to non-emergency alerts (ex. teacher assistance, cleanup request, additional cashiers, etc)

  • Text-to-speech capability which allows variables in alert messages such as site, location, caller, etc.

  • As of v5.0.8, the application can natively send email alerts to site specific contacts or distribution lists, play pre-recorded announcements to 3rd party paging systems and directly interface with the Mitel Enhanced Paging Application


  • This application is currently designed and tested to be implemented with a single instance per Mitel system and a maximum of 50 workstations + 50 phone contacts. The design intent is to notify key individuals within an organization (ex. principal, security personnel, front office staff, medical teams, etc. This application is not designed to provide mass notification to more than 100 people.

  • This application is internally facing and does not control the information sent to the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) during a 911 call.

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