Changes to Virtual Appliances with Mitel Connect build 21.86.1828.0 or later

Starting with build 21.86.1828.0, Mitel Connect virtual appliances will migrate from Linux Wind River to Linux CentOS operating system.

This introduces changes that the administrators need to be aware of:

  • SCSI Controller changes are mandatory for virtual appliance upgrades to be successful.

  • Linux DVS is no longer available a standalone installer.

As of build 21.86.1828.0, the following Mitel Connect appliances will be migrated from Linux Wind River to the Linux CentOS operating system:

  • Virtual switch (IP Phone to SIP Trunk)

  • Virtual Service Appliance (Collaboration)

  • Service Appliance (Collaboration) SA-100 and SA-400

  • Linux DVS

This allows Mitel to standardize on the same operating system for all virtual appliances and lays the framework for support in the Hyper-V environment.

1.) SCSI Controller Change Mitel Connect systems upgrading to build 21.86.1828.0 or later require a one-time change of the VMware virtual machine SCSI controller setting from BusLogic Parallel to VMware Paravirtual for all virtual machines running the following applications:

  • Virtual switch (IP Phone to SIP Trunk)

  • Virtual Service Appliance (Collaboration)

  • Linux DVS

If SCSI controller is not set to VMware Paravirtual, the virtual machine will not be able to boot up with upgraded Connect software (see error message below).

If the system is running software prior to Connect, this change must occur during the installation process and before the virtual machine with the upgraded software is booted up.

If the system is running Connect software, you can change the SCSI controller any time prior to or during the upgrade without impacting normal business operations.

Should the SCSI controller not be changed, administrators will see the following error message in the vSphere Admin Console:

Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout – starting timeout scripts or the Entering emergency mode. Exit the shell to continue event.

The root cause of this error is that CentOS operating system does not support BusLogic Parallel type for SCSI controller. Hence, the SCSI controller type must be changed to VMware Paravirtual if it is BusLogic Parallel.

Note that changing SCSI setting requires VMware administrative-level privileges. This may need to be arranged in advanced, prior to initiating the upgrade process.

2.) Installer packaging changes Virtual appliances

(Switches, Linux DVS, and Service Appliance (Collaboration)) will use .iso instead of .ova packaging.

There will be no standalone installer for Linux DVS. Linux DVS software will be integrated into HQ and Staging Firmware installers; this will streamline the installation process.


Connect system administrators performing system upgrade to build 21.86.1827.0 or later must be able to change SCSI controller setting as a part of the upgrade process as described earlier. This change requires admin-level VMware privilege.

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