Brightmetrics Webinar - Decide with Data: Impact Customer Experience Now

Brightmetrics provides enhanced historical and real-time reporting, and troubleshooting for MiVoice Connect and ShoreTel customers.

Bonus Content: See the new Radiance UI in action!

There is a constant tension in striking the balance between running an efficient team and effectively providing a satisfying customer experience. Knowing what data to analyze, when and how to apply what it is telling you to everyday, complex situations is what sets the good apart from the best service organizations.

Join AGC, Black Box & Brightmetrics for Decide with Data: Impact Customer Experience Now as we walk attendees through the specific call center data that address both strategic and everyday tactical “OODA Loop” data.

This webinar is focused on how UC Administrators, Office Managers & Call Center professionals can:

  • Analyze Long-term vs. short-term effects of changes on customer experience

  • Put best practices into the context of your organization

  • Know when to ask, “what-if?” and “what now?”

  • How to setup your tactical managers and team for successful strategic execution through goals, resources, and capabilities grounded in data driven decisions

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of Workgroups or the Enterprise Contact Center using Real-time reports and wallboards

Date/Time: 8/1/19 @ 1:00pm CST

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