Brightmetrics for Configuring & Troubleshooting On the Mitel MiVoice Connect

When: 9/27/2018 @ 11:00am CST

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When we think of business phone systems or contact center analytics and dashboards, most of us presume that customer service, sales, support teams (etc.) are the people who are delivered the highest value. That’s because they rely on these engagement tools to execute their jobs day-in-day-out. The interesting thing is that the technical teams (IT, telecom engineers, etc.) are actually among the most loyal and staunchest fans of Brightmetrics services!

And here’s why.

The template and flexible reports and perspectives Brightmetrics offers not only help technical teams deliver rock star support to those in line of business teams. In addition, our services save them massive amounts of time and allow them to work in a smarter, more proactive way. Brightmetrics provides a way for technical teams to enable truly flexible customer intelligence insights to other departments while realizing their own benefits from the powerful tools showcased in this webinar and accompanied case studies.

Here’s some of what we’ll go through in the webinar:

  • How to leverage Call Flow graphical reports to ID configuration optimization opportunities

  • What Call Reporting perspectives offer the most for what the technical team needs to know

  • How to track your inventory in seconds

  • Know user set configuration details with standard report templates

  • Learn innovative ways to save you time and worry while troubleshooting

  • More!

Following the webinar, participants that aren’t already subscribed to Brightmetrics will receive an offer to trial the tools demonstrated in the webinar on the context of their organizational data.

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