Brightmetrics - Fall Release 2018

For this release we have a little something for everyone and a very special (much requested) feature specific to those with Mitel Connect Contact Center (formerly ShoreTel ECC)!

  • Enhanced Dashboard Templates (Core, ECC, Real Time Dashboards): did you know that no matter if you use Hunt Groups, Workgroups, or CC Groups, Brightmetrics has easy to deploy pre-configured dashboards for you that give you the most common and valuable insights you need?! Now we've made them even better, using all the latest available data chart types we support. Check out what all now is in these templates in this article:

Help Center: Enhanced Dashboards

  • Custom Detail Dimensions (ECC Analytics Detailed Reports): if you're running Contact Center and want to report on Custom Call Profile fields or Skills, then you're going ️ this release. Brightmetrics now enables you to pull in the call profile fields and skills you would like to include as available data fields, values, and filters in your Detail Reports. This opens up all sorts of insights around different routing models (skills based, value-based, smart, data directed, etc). See how to set it up here:

Help Center: Custom Detail Dimensions

ECC Group Template:

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