Brightmetrics Event - Registration Open

Please join us for an informational webinar on July 26th at 1:00pm CST, featuring Brightmetrics.

Brightmetrics is a cloud based analytics and reporting package built exclusively for the ShoreTel and Mitel MiVoice Connect platform.

In this presentation, we will show you how to turn your call center data analytics into powerful insights that immediately increase your ability to improve your customer experience. In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Interpret abandoned rate data and minimize poor call routing that continually diminish your customer satisfaction ratings

  • Make adjustments to staffing levels based on key analytics around the time of day and types of calls that matter most to your clients

  • Maximize your first call resolution by studying specific points of data around transfer rates and agents or users call handle time

  • Increase call distribution by understanding how to staff and use metrics to adjust the number of agents or users available to handle specific call volume

  • Truly understand the amount of time a particular call requires to best service each type of customer request

Visit our Events page to register:

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